When it comes to jewellery education, there's so much more than meets the eye. Refer to the official GIA grading chart below. Start with general jewellery education and learn more about ring sizing, diamond setting, necklace lengths and other basic jewellery information. 


Dig deeper into diamonds by exploring more about them with information including the 4 Cs and diamond certifications. Find a need to know jewellery information about the engagement ring process such as engagement ring settings and how to choose the right engagement ring design.


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The 4 C's of Diamonds - Understanding Quality

The 4 C's are the qualities that come together to define the unique beauty of your diamond and also determines the value of your diamond. While all of the 4 C's are important, the one that is most critical is Cut. Understanding the 4 C's can help you choose the diamond that suits both your lifestyle and your budget.
Carat (CT)
People often mistake carats as a measurement of size, but they actually measure weight.
Diamonds vary in many colours, but white is considered highest on the grading scale. 
Diamonds are a product of nature, birthmarks and all. 
A diamond's cut can be the most important C.

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Diamonds represent important milestones in our lives in jewellery such as promise rings, engagement rings, wedding rings and anniversary rings.
These are significant and high-end jewellery pieces that require a lot of thought and care, so you want to make sure they're exactly how you prefer.
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