What is ToranoMAX?

Many people come to Kilani Jewellery not for jewellery alone but the experience surrounding it. Walk into Kilani and you will be greeted by their welcoming and professional staff ready to walk you through the highest standard of the jewellery buying experience. At Kilani Jewellery they understand trust. Trust in the jewellery industry is everything, especially because the average person can’t tell 10 Carat gold from 14 Carat gold or the difference between VVS and SI. The staff make sure you know exactly what you’re getting and exactly what goes into the jewellery you buy. 

If you had the pleasure of shopping at the Kilani Jewellery complex, you might have come across the ToranoMAX™ name. This raises many questions for people who knows us. Questions like "What is ToranoMAX™"?

Many jewellers unfortunately don't want you to know exactly where their jewellery comes from or how it's made. This can be because they take shortcuts during their jewellery making process to save money. In the end the consumer suffers. ToranoMAX™ is a brand name that reflects the standards and quality in which jewellery is made; with full transparency. At Kilani Jewellery, we have marketing channels specifically for showing how the jewellery is made from A to Z. Follow being on Instagram where you will find behind the scenes of jewellery making on a daily basis. Check out our YouTube channel where you can find videos designed to educate the consumer on buying jewellery and how certain specialty pieces get made. At Kilani Jewellery, there is nothing to hide and that is why we show off our processes with pride. 

ToranoMAX™ can refer to many different aspects of jewellery making within Kilani Jewellery. With respect to jewellery making, ToranoMAX™ refers to a diamond setting technique where diamonds are packed together seamlessly as tightly as possible to create a unique look. Other jewellers will not pack diamonds as closely together to avoid spending extra money on diamonds and labour. ToranoMAX™ can also refer to the quality of tools used to set diamonds, ensuring no chips, cracks, or damage to the piece when diamonds are set. The difference between ToranoMAX™ setting and other jewellers settings is clearly visible.

Jewellery designing is an art form in and of itself. It is a creative skill which was mastered by the designers at Kilani Jewellery. The latest technology is used to expand the limits of what is possible. At Kilani they use the latest tools to design jewellery which helps the designers not be limited by technical ability but rather by imagination.

When setting diamonds, there are many things to consider when striving for quality. Diamond clarity, cut, colour and carat. Other jewellers may tell you they used a higher quality diamond than they actually did. With the ToranoMAX™ name tied to a piece of jewellery, you know you’re only getting the highest quality of diamond. ToranoMAX diamonds are only and without exception, VVS clarity, DEF colour, Excellent cut and nothing less.

The pandemic showed the world that commerce is not the same as it used to be. Less people are shopping in person and overall, more online. When buying jewellery traditionally, you go into a store, look at the piece and decide you want to buy it, but this is slowly changing. Kilani Jewellery understands the fundamentals of the jewellery buying experience which is why so many people trust Kilani Jewellery even when buying online. This trust is established through the web content produced by the ToranoMAX™ team of digital media artists. Photographers and Videographers have perfected the imaging of jewellery at Kilani Jewellery, to present accurate and artistic representations of their jewellery online. What you see is what you get, there is nothing to hide. This is all part of ToranoMAX™ and the jewellery buying experience.

ToranoMAX™ is a brand created by Kilani Jewellery which represents the quality and standards around every aspect of the consumer’s jewellery buying experience. It is something that every team member at Kilani Jewellery abides by to ensure the highest quality and the most positive experience when buying jewellery. These standards, skills and quality didn’t happen overnight, they were developed over many generations and years of experience in jewellery making, and It is not something that can simply be replicated.


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